In retrospect, what she did that day was really dumb.
I mean really, confronting five rapists on a remote street in the middle of the night?
“Leave her alone,” Aphrodite shouted at them, her only weapon against them a very evil frown.
“Beat it, invalid,” one of them said with a sneer. He turned back to his task, which was writhing and trying to escape the grasp of three men pinning her down.
They were all piss-drunk, Aphrodite could smell it all the way out from across the street. And one of them was still carrying a bottle of whiskey, taking sips and passing it around the others.
“Tourists,” Aphrodite cursed under her breath and pressed her eyes tight. She stepped forward, stood her ground and said again, “Leave her alone!”
The girl they were planning to have their way with was conscious, but only barely. She was definitely out of it, drugs or something, Aphrodite didn’t know about these things. If she didn’t have sticky blonde hair all over her face, sweat on her neck and exposed decolletage, and if the men weren’t ripping her clothes off at that moment, she would have been pretty. Typical British chick, you know the type. Out for some fun, probably had too much to drink and her mates abandoned her, hooking up with someone.
The man that received the whiskey bottle was a ginger. But not the handsome kind, he had wild red hair and a nose that was wider than it was long. He scowled at Aphrodite, stepped close to her, and shoved her back, once.
Aphrodite of course fell back and tripped, landing on her face. He pavement scratched her cheek, and it hurt, but she wasn’t gonna let this one go that easy.
She pushed herself up, or at least, tried to.
The ginger snorted and pointed at her. “Look at the bitch trying to get up, guys, look!” They all took a moment from their gang rape to stare at Aphrodite.
Yeah… She was a pitiful sight. You know how they say that turtles can’t get back up if they land on their backs? That’s a myth, turtles simply wobble side-to-side and then flip, going about their way of not giving a crap and living like two-hundred years.
Aphrodite thought about the turtles at that moment, and thought about how she should really take a lesson or two from them. Not give a crap, live long and prosper or whatever.
She couldn’t just walk away.
This was her home, dammit. Adamantas was a tourist spot, sure. And every year thousands of tourists came to Milos and partied, got high, got drunk, had sex, consentual or otherwise, sure. But she couldn’t walk away after witnessing this. She was just going home after a quiet night of tabletop games at her friend’s house, and normally she should just run away and find someone who could lend a hand. Actually help out.
The taller guy walked closer to her, grabbing his crotch. “You know, I have a thing for invalids.”
The ginger frowned at him. “Does this actually turn you on?”
The tall guy shrugged. “Yeah.”
Aphrodite was still trying to get up on her feet. She pressed the sidewalk with her cheek, propping her entire body on it, that would hurt in the morning, and she put her butt up, trying to get her knees under her. Then she leaned her torso back in a sudden move, managing to straighten herself on a kneeling pose. After that, she just hopped on one leg, balanced her entire body and stood up, ready to go again. “Get your filthy hands off of her!” she said again, louder this time.
What? She was angry, okay?
The other three guys pulled the British girl’s bra down, exposing her tit. One of them was feeling his way around, while the other two held her down, but mostly up, since she was high as fuck right now.
The two guys, the tall one and the ginger one, had their attention fully on Aphrodite. “You are a crazy little tart, aren’t you?” the ginger guy said and flipped the bottle in the air, grabbing it by the neck.
A weapon, then.
Aphrodite spread her legs and bent her knees. She might not be able to stop them completely, but she could kick the shit out of those peckers.
Ginger-guy came at her, fully intending to club her on the head.
Aphrodite side-stepped and avoided him, putting a leg under his shin. He tripped and fell on his face, getting the same treatment as before. “Ow, you cunt! My face…” the ginger guy cried out, checking his fingers for blood.
Aphrodite would whoop if she could. A successful dodge, for real! This was the first time it happened, and it felt so exhilarating!
She was too distracted by her momentary success to dodge the creepy guy. He lunged at her, grabbed her throat and simply squeezed, choking her.
Aphrodite wasn’t that tall, and she wasn’t that big. But her legs were insanely fit for a normal person of her size, and the tall guy made the mistake of ignoring them. She kneed him in the groin, and the tall guy buckled and fell, this time grabbing his groin from pain. “Ow… Mother-cunt!”
Aphrodite learned her lesson and didn’t celebrate her win. She turned in place, readying for another scuffle. Indeed, the ginger guy was up on his feet and holding the whiskey bottle like a club again.
“What are you guys on about?” one of the three fuckers said. His eyelids were droopy, definitely stoned as well. He had his cock out but it wasn’t hard, so he was wanking slowly, the rhythmic plap-plap-plap clear in the night. “Hey, don’t be greedy, we don’t need a second one to fuck.”
“Come help me, you moron,” the ginger guy said and charged at Aphrodite.
She dodged it again, but this time only barely. Ginger guy hit the air with his bottle, then punched her in the gut with his other hand.
Normally, a fighter would have arms to defend herself with against such a blow. But Aphrodite didn’t have that luxury. She took the hit, and she could feel the burn of her muscles, complaining against the impact.
Ginger guy pulled his hand back, spread his fingers and made a face for a breathless moment. Then he cried out, “Ow! Is that a six-pack? Holy fuckballs, bitch.” He looked like he was in serious knuckle pain from hitting her.
She was too, but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing him that.
One of the three bastards shouted to the other, “Keep her down,” and joined the scuffle. The tall guy was still writhing on the ground, and the ginger guy looked like a big, angry tomato. With tears in the sides of his eyes.
“Oh, sorry, did I hurt your fist with my stomach, bitch?” Aphrodite said with a baby-voice at him, leaning forward. Why was she being so confrontative today?
“I’m gonna fuck your stumps, cunt,” the ginger guy said and came at her again.
She was too slow.
He got her on the side of the head, and she was dazed for a moment. That gave the other guy the chance to come behind her and wrap his arms around her legs, pinning her down.
The ginger guy clubbed her on the head again, and this time Aphrodite saw whites and blues in her vision. She felt a wet spot over her ear, and she couldn’t focus really well.
The tall guy stood up, grunting. He had the most disgusting expression Aphrodite had ever seen in a man in her short life. “Hold the cunt down,” he said and unzipped his pants.
“No!” Aphrodite cried out, struggling to escape. “Let me go, dammit.” She tried to headbutt the ginger guy, but he was careful to stay out of her reach. And the third guy was strong, he was pressing her legs down so hard she wasn’t feeling any blood going down there anymore.
But proper blood circulation would be the least of her worries. She turned her eyes to the blonde girl. The two guys were impatient, one was already between her legs, trying to find his way around in the dark and the non-cooperative woman.
Aphrodite shut her eyes, and a tear ran down to the side. Then she forced herself to open them, to witness the brutality. To keep it etched in her memory, forever.
She remembered at that moment that she had the gene, the blood of Herakles in her. This was the cosmic joke played on her. All the other guys that were found having the gene had amazing abilities, superpowers even.
And all she had was a lack of two essential limbs.
Special, my ass.
The tall guy wanted to rape her and the ginger guy wanted to cave her skull in. They argued right on top of her, and they seemed too drunk to be able to reach a consensus so they just went for both options at the same time.
The tall guy ripped her long, summer skirt and the ginger guy raised his whiskey bottle in the air, while their mate dutifully held her down.
Something snapped inside her. Something dark. No, not dark. It was bright, but felt brittle. Like a shiny rock, one that reflected the sunlight. Yeah, just like that.
All she thought about was marble, you know, like the Greek statues, and the tall guy grabbed her inner thighs and squeezed his fingers around them, enjoying the view.
The fact that his ginger mate was going to bludgeon and possibly murder his victim in the next second didn’t seem to phase him.
The bottle came down right on Aphrodite’s face. And something weird happened. It smashed, sending shards everywhere. In their eyes, on their face, in the tall guy’s open mouth.
But nothing on Aphrodite.
She squeezed her thighs, and the tall guy cried out in pain as she pinned his arms there, tightening like vice. Aphrodite was actually surprised to see how easy it was to overpower him. Was it an adrenaline rush? She didn’t know, but she wasn’t gonna let it go to waste. She headbutted the blinded ginger guy, who was bleeding all over his face and neck with small cuts. The broken nose didn’t help him at all.
Aphrodite spun her waist and brought her entire body on the shoulders of tall guy, who was kneeling under her.
She squeezed her thighs and chocked him out. “You like that, fucker?” she said through gritted teeth as he slowly lost strength and fell to the floor.
The third guy was too stunned to react. Aphrodite simply darted forward and landed a roundhouse kick on the side of his head, downing him in a single blow.
She turned to the other two guys. The stoned one was still wanking, trying to get it up, unaware of what was happening all around him. The guy trying to find the hole was still at it, and the blonde girl was unconscious.
“I said,” Aphrodite planted her feet on the ground with a thud, “Get away from her. Now!”
The driller ran away, stumbling on his fallen pants. The wanker, the literal one, was just standing there.
“Ugh. Put that away,” Aphrodite said, turning her head to the side. She should get her eyes off from an assailant but this guy was too bloody much.
“Yeap… Sorry, miss,” the wanker said politely and zipped himself up. He just stood there, eyes droopy, not knowing what to do next.
Aphrodite sighed loudly, her chest heaving from all the exertion. “Argh,” she grunted. “Come here.”
He did, timidly. “Miss, why are you shiny?”
He stepped closer.
“Leave your phone next to my feet.”
He obliged, unlocking it and leaving the phone next to her feet. It shone up her leg in the night. Aphrodite kicked off her shoe and tapped the phone’s screen, calling the police.
The wanker bit his lip. “Wow, miss, your feet are quite dexterous.”
Aphrodite head-butted him and knocked him out flat.
“Hello, 100? Yes, I’d like to report a crime…” She gave the details and then stepped back, leaving the phone on the ground. She noticed her toes, they were shinier than usual. Was it from the head bonk she just had?
Nevermind. She heard sirens.
Good. Now all she needed to do was wait. She took in a breath, inspecting the damage she had inflicted. The girl was in a miserable condition but she was okay, considering.
Aphrodite giggled, the danger now gone, about how insane her actions were just minutes ago.
And why the hell was her skin glistening under the moonlight all of a sudden?

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The End.

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