Kate Bush’s recent success with the hit song Running Up That Hill because of Stranger Things is a perfect example of why I say you need to own your copyright. In a brilliant move that ended up being the best decision of her career, she produced, sang and funded the song herself.

The article from Rolling Stone https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/stranger-things-kate-bush-running-up-that-hill-1371764/

It became a hit back then in the 80s but that success comes and goes. The news everyone is talking about is that because she owns the copyright, she’s now making something like 250.000 dollars per month or whatever. Doesn’t matter, it’s a huge success that will make her a millionaire very soon. Even if it was less money than that, it’s still a perfect example why you shouldn’t sell your rights away for peanuts to production and distribution companies.

And imagine this little trap: If she had signed away her rights to a deal, here’s what would have happened. Even if she was extremely clever and kept a big percentage of radio, cassette and vinyl sales back in the 80s, there would have been a tiny little clause in her contract. It would have said that the production company owns the rights to all current and future forms of distribution. It was the 80s, the internet wasn’t even a thing. Nobody could imagine viral internet success, let alone something like netflix. They didn’t even have CDs yet. If she had signed she would have lost the current royalties avalanche, simply because of unforeseen tech.

That’s why I always say you should keep your copyrights.

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If you’re interested in this I suggest you read the Magic Bakery. Even if you aren’t a writer it will open your eyes

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