Okay, the stock picture process is officially the stupidest thing I’ve ever met. Shutterstock keeps rejecting them for inane reasons, I’m sure it’s just monkeys hitting random buttons at this point. Adobe Stock keeps telling me these are real people and need a release form, no matter how many times I contact them and tell them these are 3D models and thus, need no release form. I guess I should be flattered that they look so good?

I dunno.

And iStock has rejected a chunk of my portfolio for nudity, while they accepted other ones that are definitely mature in nature. WTF.

And Depositphotos simply rejected my application, so I wont be wasting my time there.

Anyway, my portfolio is a mess but between those 3 sites you can find them all, meaning my stock photos that I’ve made for licensing. Feel free to contact me with requests or any other licensing opportunities you may have for me.

Get my Royalty-Free Art on Shutterstock

Get my Royalty-Free Art on Adobe Stock

Get my Royalty-Free Art on iStockphoto

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