This story is out in Spanish now, “La Imposibilidad de Conseguir un Taxi en Víspera de Navidad.” Available on Kobo and iTunes, I’m linking the store links on this page because I still don’t know how to handle these. I’ll have to figure something out that doesn’t involve a million buttons on the book pages.

So, yes, this means I’m officially published in three languages! It’s not something I’ll pursue with vigor, I still have so much to finish before worrying about foreign translations. English is enough for enveloping the globe from the internet side, for now. But I’ll slowly make the best stories available in other major languages as well.

As for other things, Speaking in Bubbles is out, read by Alexa Crema.

Nanodaemons is being produced in audio as well. This one was very tricky to do and I’ve had narrators bail on me for this. There are technical terms, digital effects, varying voices. Even the dialogue itself is tricky. But I believe I’ve finally found the man who can tackle this. The story itself might not translate well to audio but it will be an experience, I can guarantee that.

7 Deadly Roommates is up on Amazon as a preorder. And the second book of Cyberpink, Cherry Pie. In fact, I rehashed the books page on Mythography for an easy-to-use list of everything that’s published, check it out.

As for what I’m reading? Check out “Everybody Loves Large Chests.” It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in my life. Full of black humour and insanity. I absolutely loved it. Don’t read any reviews on it, don’t let people spoil it for you, just dive right in.

Did You Like What I Made? Then buy me a frappe. You can support me on Patreon, SubscribeStar, VK Donuts or BuyMeACoffee. There is no exclusive content there but that way you can make sure these stories and renders keep on coming.


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