Soooo… This happened. Nope, sorry, suicide squad was fun but definitely not an Oscar worthy movie. #Repost @c_91829
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See also  Haha boring. I hope they curse at each other. regram @curiositydotcomThe annual AIIDE #StarCraft #AI #Competition began in 2010, when it pitted 28 #bots against each other in four styles of #gameplay. The #tournament also showcased a #human vs. #bot competition, and though the human—a professional #gamer—did come out on top, the match was exciting nonetheless. As the competition states on its website, “The best human players still have the upper hand in RTS games, but in the years to come this will likely change, thanks to competitions like this one.” AIs also compete against one another in the World #Computer #Chess Championship, and Nintendo has hosted Super Smash Brothers tournaments where only Amiibos (figurines with in-game avatars that can level up and “learn”) were allowed to enter. #games #gaming #videogame #RTSgame #tech #technology
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