I’ve changed Slow Up a bit. Mainly cleaned up some scenes and added a couple that develop the characters better. Plus a guest star appearance from Teucer.

In case you don’t know what this novel is, it’s a cyberpunk romance. YES! I’ve invented a new genre. Boom. No, I know I didn’t invent that, but I just like having a love story in the middle of the plot.

So, Slow Up is a story about a man who constantly tries to think faster, and a young woman who falls in love with him and asks him to teach her his tricks. And, of course, there’s a Muse involved in all of this. And a couple of gods. And arrows. And drones. And inventions in tech. And augmented Olympian athletes.


If you have the book already, you can delete and redownload to get the new version, it says Ver 2.0.1 under the title page. If you’ve read it already, there’s no real need, the story remains the same overall.

It’s also in production as an audiobook and already available as a paperback.

If you don’t have it, check out the links in all retailers.

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