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Look up to the #architecture around #NewYork City and you’ll see one thing in common: Audrey Munson. Munson was considered the “it” girl of the #GildedAge. She has also been described as America’s Venus. Around the turn of the #century, Munson was discovered on Fifth Avenue in New York because her Aphrodite-esque #physique stood out as looking very #Venus de Milo. After her discovery, she became the #muse for scores of #artists, and became a silent #film star, known for appearing #nude. Today, you can see Munson in the form of many of the public statues around #NewYorkCity that used her as a muse. #NYC #art #design #sculpture

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See also  Temple of Poseidon for breezy photoshoots. regram 📣 @yatzer#flashback American photographer #SlimAarons captures designer Dimitris Kritsas with models wearing his dresses at the Temple of Poseidon in 1961 #CapeSounion #Greece #AthensRiviera #lovegreece #timeless
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