Credit: Kinga Cichewic

Evie is up in the middle of the night, drawing. She’s an autodidact, having learned from pure talent and hours spent on practicing and watching Youtube tutorials on digital art.

She likes empowering women, bringing out the beauty in them no matter their ethnicity, weight, skin tone or ability.

She didn’t know at first that her art was worth anything. But a positive community on Agora and thankful comments made her confident in her abilities. A slight push from Avaritia, and she took the plunge and decided to start charging for her work and to take commissions.

To get a proper 3D sculpture made, you need a cyberscan. It’s done by a rig that captures the model from every angle.

Greek Cosplayer Irene Astral getting cyberscanned.

Evie has had some commissions, I used the following for inspiration (just a few select ones from a ton of images I found browsing.) If you’ve read 7 Deadly Roommates, you’ll recognize the descriptions.

Credit ‎Nicole Altenhoff‎

S Undead by Anotherwanderer

The Iron Rose, by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

Cardcaptor Sakura

Credit: Oshi Rockingham

Josu Hernaiz, Pirate Token

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