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In the next decade, #biocomputers may leave #supercomputers (and even #quantum #computers!) in the dust. These computers use biological #molecules to process multiple commands at once, which makes them “parallel” computers as opposed to classical ones. A #biocomputer model created in 2016, for example, is powered by #ATP, and relies on #protein #filaments to navigate miniscule pathways and produce solutions. Biocomputers promise to be cheaper, faster, greener, and smaller than even the most advanced supercomputers that exist today. #tech #technology #computer #computerscience #compsci #supercomputer

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READ  Taylor Swift has gone cyberpunk. On the one hand, I like that cyberpunk has gone mainstream. We'll have more movies and such. Especially with Blade Runner now. #taylorswift #cyberpunk #bladerunner2049
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