Okay, this one is weird and it’ll take some explaining. I know some people think my stories are weird, but this idea is really out there. So, I love Gwenpool. She’s a character that is meta, meaning she knows that she’s inside the comic book stories. No other superpowers. And she’s Gwen, as in Spiderman’s Gwen. And she’s pool, because apparently in the comics the -pool suffix means meta. Anyway, the character defeats her opponents with knowledge that she has because she’s read the comic books.

It’s really amazing.

So, I decided to give it a try to making a similar character of my own. This hasn’t gelled yet, this is the creative process and I’m just writing it down.

Tessa, short for Profetessa (The prophetess) is a cosplayer and a mythology nerd. She gets thrown into the Ancient Greece of the mythologies she’s read about, and she uses her knowledge to beat the opponents. Along the way she meets heroes such as Jason, Herakles and the gods meddling in their affairs.

So, it’s my tribute to Gwenpool (More like Omgcosplay’s Gwenpool), she’s wearing pink because she likes it, and she’s all armoured up in the time of mythological Greece. She has meta awareness, believes that everything she’s experiencing is somehow not real and she has a real bonkers way of dealing with problems.

I have many more ideas but you’ll see them when I get around to finishing it.

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