I was looking at some stats and there was a row of my book covers. So, I noticed that the girls I chose for cover artwork over the past few years have a certain… similarity. Large forehead, thin, short hair, juicy lips. I swear it wasn’t on purpose (Pickle, Aura and Eris in order.)

I have to admit I seem to have a type. The curious thing is that she doesn’t look like any of my exes! And I can’t think of anyone else she reminds me of.

Oh well…

As for updates, Speaking in Bubbles has been narrated by the tingly voice of Alexa Crema. It’s being churned by quality control and will be published in a few days.

It’s just a tiny little story, barely 1000 words, but packs quite a punch. Alexa mispronounces “Aegean” in it, but I found it cute and hilarious so I left it like it was (Eg Ean instead of Ay JIAN.)

Also, 7 Deadly Roommates is almost done. You can read the first chapters up on my Patreon. The post is now public to tease you. It’s a draft, so you can choke on your criticism accordingly.

Pickle Pie is out on paperback, available via Amazon only for now. You can find the regional buttons on this page.

What else?

Oh, Gorgonise Me is also coming out in audio, read by the mesmerising, gravelly voice of Bridger Conklin. He has also narrated Cosmophobia for me and done a wonderful job.

Honestly, reading it again while checking the narration was a chilling experience, I bet you’ll love it. I of course wanted to get the music piece inside the audiobook, but after doing some research I saw that it is best to be avoided. Music has a ton of copyright issues and I didn’t want to limit availability of the audiobook in certain regions, and honestly, I didn’t want the hassle of figuring it all out. So, you can just google Evryali music or find the page where I’ve linked a few performances to get a taste of the piano piece. Think of it like, Ikea literature. Some assembly required.

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As for the story itself, I guess it’s weird fiction. The idea came to be after reading about the word “gorgonise” somewhere online. So, the word stuck in my mind, and somehow I made a scary version of gorgonisation in the story.

Read it and find out.

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