I went through a lot of my paperbacks and updated them with new covers, better interior etc. I probably should have done this before Christmas, since giving out paperbacks is a lot more favourable from gifting ebooks.

But yeah, what the heck? Better late than never. Paperbacks have never been my best thing to create, and I’ve been avoiding them for a long time. I had some help from a designer friend a few years ago, she was actually experienced in print book design for a publishing house, but I needed them faster to incorporate them into my workflow. So, I’m going through the missing bits, there are a lot of gaps all over my stories. I haven’t exactly been consistent with paperbacks. Thankfully Draft2Digital makes it very easy to make one, so all my wide books have their paperback version (except the short stories that don’t make the page count cut).

I’m keeping the prices low. I’m only making a euro or even less in each sale, even if some box sets cost 15 euro or more. In my mind, I think that someone ordering a paperback that they can put on their shelf and maybe share with a friend or a loved one is the best thing possible for a writer. I really love that, and I don’t care about profit. You have to pay postage on top of that, so yeah. Get them cheap, mythographers.

So yeah. Covers updated with the new design, spines with Ultra Violet colour, interior with a couple of fixes and whatnot, and there you have it. Books for your shelf.

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Find my paperbacks here https://mythographystudios.com/paperbacks/

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