Well, I’ve been busy learning the Core game engine. It’s really fun and easy to learn.

I’ve made a few videogames to test out things and try out some ideas. You can find them all on the Mythography Games page right here. https://mythographystudios.com/games


The best one so far is the Dronehunter. It’s basically what happens when you get too greedy with snatching delivery drones and the corporation decides you’re more trouble than the insurance claims. I added the van and everything, though it’s pretty rudimentary it’s fun for a few rounds. If you read the story beforehand I think you’ll get where I was going with this https://mythographystudios.com/books/dronehunter/

Minotaur Mania

This one is deceptively simple but quite hard. It’s a random maze every time, and even though you can see from above, it’s still very hard to finish. I also added a Minoan minotaur head looking down on you.

There are more to come as I play around with the engine. I’m making changes, breaking things, figuring stuff out. It’s fun, and I hope you like them too. I’ll be putting them all up on this page https://mythographystudios.com/games/

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