I’ve used one of those laptops! I was a kid, but I’ve used them. #buffy #oldaf #technology #iphone #laptop

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See also  Yes! Finally. I hated her years ago! 😈 regram @im.irisI can't even bring myself to watch the episode yet ;-;My heart hurts Why did it have to be Laurel, didn't the writers know this would piss off everyone?? Maybe laurels really not dead, maybe she faked her death. But then again, they haven't killed anyone off besides Ra's Al Ghul in the past season and a half. What are your thoughts? -----WE LOVE YOU KATIE CASSIDY ❤️🙌🏼 @katiecassidy ------sorry I've been so inactive lately, I was sick most of this week and really did not have the strength or motive to post or get caught up on any shows- #imiris #riplaurellance #thankyoukc #remembering #ripblackcanary #nolaurelnoarrow #nuffsaid #whyher #arrowcw #arrow #greenarrow #oliverqueen #lauriver #katiecassidy #dinahlaurellance #starcityCredit of this amazing edit to my girlie @inhxlingarrow
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