Credit: Hicham Kaidi, Inktober 2018 Prompt: Drooling

Sweet, Hot Taffy. 🏃

“No, don’t run away!” Irina pleaded as the man fled.
He shat himself as he ran. Irina stopped on the sidewalk, arm raised in a non-threatening gesture of ‘Wait!’ She couldn’t understand what was really happening. All she wanted was to find the ‘Be-Positive.’
That was nice, right?
Of course it was. Nothing that nice-sounding could ever be bad. She held her head, her thoughts were hazy. She couldn’t actually remember what the Be-Positive was, but she knew she really wanted to find some, and fast. But she kept asking people for directions and they didn’t even give her a chance!
Such mean people.
Where was this rude town anyway? She had no idea. She could understand the signs on the streets, so at least she wasn’t that far away. But something felt off. It was quiet, if you discounted the loud cheers of joy she heard from an alley just a while ago.
Irina walked down the street. Cars were left in the middle of the road, no wonder nobody could go to work or anything! Why were people always so inconsiderate to others? She hated that.
Anyway, no bad thoughts, Irina. Be-Positive! Yay!
She walked through the abandoned cars. Some were messy, too. There was a nice smell coming from them, like hot taffy. She sniffed the air. It was unusual, had she hit her head or something? Could she be one of those people wandering off after a car-crash, concussed and confused?
She leaned in and checked her reflection in a rear-view mirror. Eh, she could barely see herself, and she twisted her body around, trying to get a good angle on everything. She didn’t look hurt, it was just her normal, curvy self, wearing a red dress. She couldn’t remember ever buying that dress, but it fit her nicely. As she turned herself over, she realised she needed to find a bigger mirror.
She walked to a shop window, it was reflective enough and the interior was dark enough to make a mirror. That too was weird, it seemed like it was the middle of the day, yet the shop was closed. Anyway, enough with that. She checked herself out, raising her leg on the ledge, then the other. She didn’t seem to find any cuts or bruises.
There was a weird crick in her neck, and she stretched herself to rub it better. She also felt weird on her back, on the shoulder blade. Maybe she had been in an accident after all, but with no visible bruises?
Ah! Could she have internal injuries?
She didn’t feel like it, just a bit sore. And she also had these long fingernails, they were perfectly done by a manicurist, long and red. She never had her nails long like that, it always bugged her when it came to manipulating stuff. So that was weird. Was she getting dressed for some sort of event? A wedding, perhaps? And what about the nails? Somebody had to have convinced her to get them, they were so out of her usual style.
Oh well, must have been a special offer or something, she definitely was a sucker for such things!
Irina kept on walking the empty streets for a while. Now, this was getting ridiculous. Where was everybody? These bloody towns. What was it, a festival or something?
Was that what Be-Positive was? Perhaps she was going there, and then she forgot why. Perhaps someone was waiting for her.
A date!
That’s why she was so dolled up, that must be what it was!
Silly Irina.
She tilted her head and concentrated on a noise somewhere. As she did that, drool fell down the side of her mouth. Oh, come on now, be ladylike, dammit! This is no way to act in public. She wiped her drool and kept on listening.
She scanned the area. A store front, another one, a pizza place… A dumpster. Yup, there was definitely someone behind that dumpster.
She walked up to it, and could see that the man was somehow stuck behind it. He made some weird sound from his throat. He was definitely crying for help.
“Relax, silly! I’ll help you out,” Irina told him and got ready to get her hands dirty. She grabbed the dumpster, this was why she didn’t like long nails, and she pushed it aside.
It slid to the side.
Huh. It must have been empty.
Oh well…
“Hello, mate! No need to shout. Hey, could you tell me where Be-Positive is?”
The man lunged at her. Irina dodged him with a swift shuffle of her legs. The man kept on running down the road.
“Hey, wait! That is bloody rude, mate!”
She reached out and grabbed his leg, making him trip. “Okay, sorry, mate, but you shoved me first, and I was trying to help you! I mean, really, what is it with that rude behaviour around here?”
Some drool fell from her mouth again right on top of his shirt. She gently held him down with one hand as he thrashed and kicked her. “Oh, so sorry about that! So, so sorry. I don’t know what’s happening to me, can’t seem to keep my bloody drool inside my mouth! How silly is that?” she chuckled, but the man didn’t seem to find it funny.
Instead, he punched her.
“Ow, you bloody bastard!” she snapped back, and gently punched him in the stomach.
For some reason, that nice smell wafted from his person again. That hot taffy smell, so sweet and delicious. There it was, her entire hand inside his belly, and as she pulled it out the soft taffy was all over her fingers. She licked it, and it tasted heavenly.
“How rude of me,” she chuckled, unable to control herself, still licking her fingers. “This is a weird way to meet your acquaintance…”
The man gurgled taffy from his mouth.
“Now that’s an understatement,” Irina agreed.
She licked her fingers, she was so bloody hungry all of a sudden. The man had stopped thrashing, at least that was a good thing. Perhaps he was calm enough now to answer her question?
“Hey, mate, I just wanna know, where is Be-Positive?” She flashed her biggest smile at him.
What the hell, had he fallen asleep?
Irina stood up. Still that crick in her shoulder. She felt a lot better now after that sweet taffy, but her thoughts were still muddled. She turned her head and stared at herself in the store-front’s reflection.
Same thing, her, dressed in red, drooling again (dammit!) standing over a man with warm taffy coming out of his belly and mouth. Okay, that last one sounded weird, she had to admit that.
A flicker.
Everything was the same, but the sweet taffy in her mouth felt more metallic. Vampirina’s long nails were even weirder, like metal fingers. Her teeth were stained with red lipstick, and they felt larger somehow in her mouth. And that crick on her shoulder? Well, it seemed like a bloodhunter symbiote.
Wait, what?
She shook her head. Everything came back to normal.
There it was, all better.
Now, if only someone could tell her where that bloody Be-Positive was, everything would be alright.

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