The little helicopter we sent on Mars took flight and spotted a Martian!

Okay, not really. April fools joke. The Martian helicopter is gearing up and getting ready to fly in a few days. Imagine if it found life out there?

You can get the art from this momentous event in print on Artstation.

You can even own the NFT on OpenSea.

Ingenuity and the base Mars rover, Perseverance are on their way to Mars. For the first time ever, they are built specifically to search for life on the Red Planet. Maybe we’ll get lucky?

See also  Had abandonded this show on season 2. Glad I caught up with it, it's cyberpunk as fuck. Excellent use of technology, corporate fear and human emotions. OMG. Also, mad props to the showrunner for deciding to place the story in Vancouver, it's a breath of fresh air.#Repost @trystan830・・・Now watching..... #continuum #scifi #showcasechannel #timetravel #victorwebster #rogercross #cyberpunk #canada #vancouver
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