Inception is easily the best. Gatsby sucked. Haven’t seen Django. Titanic was a great movie despite the flack it receives.  Aviator was one of the best. The beach was good enough, but meh. Shutter Island was supposedly twisty, but I didn’t enjoy it.   Gangs of new york was brutal and good.  Wolf of wall street was crazy awesome, Scorsese at his finest. regram @peterfromthetheater
Well, the man finally won a gold dude. That’s cool. DiCaprio’s been in a bunch of other top-notch movies. Here are some that I have. Do you, dear opinionated internet stranger, have a favorite? I’d say The Aviator is the underdog. My friend and I quote the “Come in with the milk,” “Show me all the blueprints,” and “The way of the future” lines all the time. 
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