I really like this poster! regram @hablemosdecine
Y la San Diego Cómic Con sigue dando de qué hablar con este nuevo #Poster de #WonderWoman @gal_gadot 
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See also  This is a fantastic novel. Comes even better in audio book, the narrator nails it. Highly recommended. We are legion, we are Bob. #bookstagram #scifi#Repost @_craig_lawrie__・・・Picked this up in the #Audible daily deal. #Wearelegionwearebob Bob Johansson retires after a long hard life only to get run over and die. Waking up over a century later and being built into a deep space probe as it's AI in search of habitable world's. Suppose to be gripping and fantastically funny, looking forward to it! #Audible #Audiobook #Wearelegionwearebob #Sifi #Sciencefiction
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