The exchange rate of the US dollar to euro has taken a dive. My last month was very poor, and it seems I have to raise some prices across the board.

I don’t feel bad about doing that, since I offer a big free starting library, discounts on the Mythography shop for repeat readers and I’m participating every month in free and 99c giveaways with other indie writers.

Regarding audiobooks, which I know are quite costly since I listen to them myself every day, I’ve given away thousands of review codes and the ones where I can control the price I’ve kept it to a decent low point.

All my stories are also on all libraries around the world which you can figure out by asking the librarian at your local library branch.

I plan to leave the short stories at their low price, and raise the bigger boxsets and the novels.

Also, Midas Online’s price has increased. Don’t worry, those of you that have preordered will get it at the initial low price that you agreed to at the time of purchase.

The increase will only be one or two dollars anyway. Thank you for your support, it has been amazing to see the feedback pouring in all these years!

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