I was playing around with Facebook stories, casually shitposting as I usually do. And I noticed that they added stickers like Instagram stories, with polls. Naturally, I polled my fans for a couple of questions.

And okay, I get that the question about Achilles in the movie Troy might be all over the place, I was just scrounging for engagement to please the algorithm gods.

But this?

Asking the fans if they want more Odyssey pics, and four fuckers voted no. No. Then what the fuck are you doing on my page, if you don’t wanna see more Odyssey?

Why the fuck are you even here?

This is what I keep telling people about engagement metrics and feedback. Creators need to stop listening to every single person’s opinion online. People don’t know shit, no matter how opinionated they might seem. These 4 people are either indifferent, which is fine, are either appalled by sexual imagery, which, okay, but then you should stay away from my pages and mythology in general, or they genuinely are not my target demographic and genuinely do not want to see more Odyssey renders.

Well, you know what? That fucking pic took me 2 days to render, crashed five times, cost about 50 euro to buy the assets and an entire year of experience to make it look as professional as it does.

This is what I do.

If you don’t like my content, click away. The rest of you are welcome to hang out and talk about Greek mythology.

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