Taking the excuse of this shitty person called Roslyn to talk about something. I know that bold takes go viral on social media, especially twitter, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff said about writers. Non-black writers shouldn’t write about black characters, and other idiotic takes.

First of all, that’s dumb for you and the minority you represent. As a white screenwriter and author, unfortunately I have more work than you. Which means that if I don’t include your minority in my story, that means less work for minority actors, stuntmen, voice actors, heck even hairdressers and MUA.

Secondly, I can write whatever the fuck I want. About dumplings, black people, gay, Asian, mixed, whatever. Whatever the fuck I want. You don’t have to support it. You don’t have to give a favourable feedback. It’s your choice. You can make fun of the slang, the clichés I write, the mistakes, all of it. What you can’t say is that if I’m not in that minority I shouldn’t write about it. Again, I can write whatever the fuck I want. And you’re free to ignore it.

As a straight white person, if I cared what you thought I wouldn’t be able to write about anything at all. I come from a relatively stable country, am not part of any minority, even my assigned religion at birth is a major one, and I got no real problems in my life. Heck, I’m even 6 feet tall, 1.83 cm. I like to write about various diverse subjects.

I understand it’s hard for minorities, or maybe I can’t even begin to understand. But you have to appreciate the attempt I and other writers make to get in your shoes and write characters about you. Yes, we’re prejudiced, ignorant, will repeat clichés left and right. But at least there’s some story that tries to speak to you. And if it bothers you, well pick up a keyboard and write it yourself. I will actually support it if it’s good. You might find it’s not that easy to do.

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