A couple of months ago I hired Chrysanthi, a wonderful actress to make some bitcoin videos. During the shoot I asked her to pose around in normal everyday positions, reading the book The Bitcoin Standard. I knew I wanted to make a video about it so we just shot in different spots plus a reverse over her shoulder. That was it, nothing more. Like shooting b-roll.

Now it was time to use that footage.

I simply opened my Premiere Pro, slowed down all the 50 fps footage to 25 fps making it a tiny bit slo-mo.

I threw the shots together, trying to get an edit where I cut from close up to medium shot etc.

Now for the voice over.

I went to the book’s page and grabbed the editorial reviews.

Then I opened my OpenAI playground and said:

Write a voice over from the following on why you should read the book The Bitcoin Standard.

“I have spent my entire career studying works about monetary theory, the gold standard, comparative monetary systems, central banks, and proposals for monetary and financial reform. I would rate a tiny fraction of the books I have read about any one of these topics as excellent. Dr. Ammous’ book, The Bitcoin Standard, contains an excellent treatment of all these topics in addition to one of the few enlightened and enlightening accounts of Bitcoin that I have come across. It is essential reading for anyone interested in learning the role Bitcoin could play in a future regime of free and sound money.”
―Joseph Salerno, Academic Vice President, Mises Institute

“This book blew my mind; it is a work of genius. It put together the technical, economic, motivational and related issues around Bitcoin better than anything I’ve seen. The best compliment I can give this book is that I read it and I decided to buy $425m of bitcoin. It was the most impactful on our way of thinking in Microstrategy and it made us want to invert our balance sheet to base it on a bitcoin standard.”
―Michael Saylor, cofounder, chairman, and CEO of Microstrategy

“The Bitcoin Standard is an incredible book.”
―Russel Okung, NFL Super Bowl winner

“Dr. Saifedean Ammous gave us the definitive book on digital money with The Bitcoin Standard, a must-read for anyone interested in monetary tech and worried about ruinous fiat regimes. Now his online academy gives students access to the man himself, an opportunity to learn economics as it should be taught: at market prices, online, with no wasted time or material. Ammous is a brilliant and concise teacher of Austrian school economics, and I cannot recommend his courses highly enough.”
―Jeff Deist, President, Mises Institute

“Hoy les recomiendo EL Patròn Bitcoin, este libro es el mejor y más importante para entender Bitcoin.”
―Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Founder and Chairman of Grupo Salinas

“The Bitcoin Standard is a great book. A really good book. It helps you understand why bitcoin is so special and so real.”
―Kiril Sokoloff, Chairman and founder, 13D Global Strategy & Research

The output was this:

[Soft, inspiring music starts]

Do you want to understand the world of Bitcoin better? Feel the need to grasp the concept of money itself?

Well, according to Joseph Salerno, Academic Vice President of the Mises Institute, you need not look anywhere else than “The Bitcoin Standard”. Salerno, a renowned scholar of monetary theory, has legitimized this book, rating it as an exceptional study of Bitcoin, monetary systems, central banks, and financial reform.

And it’s not just academics who recommend it. Michael Saylor, co-founder and CEO of Microstrategy, attributes his staggering $425 million investment in Bitcoin to the impact of this enlightening book. For him, it completely revolutionized the way his business manages its balance sheet.

Did you know that even in the sporting world, this book has influence? Russel Okung, an NFL Super Bowl winner, simply declares it as “an incredible book”.

But there’s more. Jeff Deist, the President of the Mises Institute, is another proud advocate of this revolutionary book. Ammous, he says, has provided an indispensable tool not only for those interested in digital money but also for anyone confused by the complexities of today’s financial systems.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Latin America’s billionaire and the Founder of Grupo Salinas, has claimed it is “the most important book to understand Bitcoin”. Pliego strongly recommends this for anyone who seeks to understand the digital monetary revolution.

Kiril Sokoloff, founding Chairman of 13D Global Strategy & Research, puts it simply, claiming that “The Bitcoin Standard” is “a really good book” that helps you understand why Bitcoin is so special and so real.

If you want to take part in the conversation, if you’re curious about the future of money, “The Bitcoin Standard” by Dr. Saifedean Ammous is your roadmap.

Your understanding, your future, starts now. Get your hands on “The Bitcoin Standard” today.

[Music ends]

The music queues were a nice touch actually but I ignored them. I reused a music piece I licensed from Koty Auditore, otherwise I would have generated a brand new piece with Soundraw inside Canvas https://www.canva.com/your-apps/AAFlCL1cRsE-soundraw

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I used Elevenlabs, voice of Bella, variance slider to 19 so it would give me interesting voice acting. This might produce some weird results but you can always redo the specific line and edit it. https://elevenlabs.io/

I got the audio file, dropped it on my Premiere timeline, added a few more gaps between each paragraph to make it more realistic and that was it.

And here’s the video ad.

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