The biggest problem with home mining is that these ASIC units are very loud, and run very hot. The stock fans are basically all you need to cool the unit but they’re loud, like a big whiny siren. Unless you have a basement or something you’re gonna need some DIY and enclosures.

Some people end up with elaborate enclosures that dampen the noise. Frankly I think it’s not necessary, so I just replaced the 2 fans with silent ones. I got 2 BeQuiet fans.

Just needed to make sure one was pointing in and the other pointing out to have air flow. They’re good enough, but they’re not powerful enough to cool the miner during summer months, so I’ll get a silent vent fan later on.

The only modification necessary was to cut a small ridge on the plugs with a sharp knife, the plastic is soft and it’s easy to do so it would fit.

Then I was left with the PSU fan noise, which while tolerable, was still too loud to keep inside a room. So I got a Noctua fan and replaced that inside the PSU.

It wasn’t that hard to do. This plug doesn’t fit at all but I just cut the wire at a comfortable length and spliced the two wires together, red to red, black to black, and screwed everything back together. I tried it and it’s amazing silent.

So, now the miner is running inside with no more noise than a normal desktop computer. I had to tinker with the BraiinsOS+ settings a bit to get it working. For some reason the control board doesn’t recognize the 2 fans, so I just set it to manual 99% fan speed when it’s hot and 80% fan speed to keep it silent at the sweet spot. Others have claimed that auto temperature setting is enough, but maybe it’s with Noctua fans also. I might give it a try on my second miner.

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