From the mouths of babes. Finally someone said the truth. 😀 regram @comix_world
Oh Molly. Molly Molly Molly…. – Wayne

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See also  Hahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaahahahajahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahah 😂 regram @breathe_movies"'Oh my god. He shot me in the boob! What kind of dick shoots a girl in the boob?'' .. "They're totally gunna stop growing. They weren't even done!" .. "What do you mean I'm gunna bleed, can we just stick a tampon in or something?" .. "no dudes gunna motorboat these!" I've been thinking about this movie and this scene far too much today. Fucking riot 😂#thebabysitter #bellathorne #shotdown #shotintheboob #movie #horrormovie #horrorcomedy #netflixoriginal #moviebuff #filmbuff #movies #moviequote #moviescene #movielover #filmlover #movienight #movietime
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