Okay, I finally figured out how to do this. The main draw in this game engine for me was first the ease of making games and trying out new things, and secondly I was excited when I read you could link games via portals. I tested it and it works. The idea is to make a main social hub for chat and hanging out just like Agora from my stories, and through that you can enter the rest of the ancillary games. Find the link and play around, but be patient, I’m still fixing stuff.

See also  Most beautiful game I've ever played! regram @swedduck_cajAnyone who loves Transistor???Well at least me and a friend does a lot!!It's actually the anniversary of the games release this week!!You can look it up on tumblr for more info about the week!I actually planned to Cosplay from it but I have some others to work on right nowIf you don't know the game then I REALLY RECOMMEND IT!It has a beautiful art style and colors, the story is amazing and it's made by SuperGiantGames!I hope I'll be drawing some transistor this week if I can.#transistor #transistorgame #transistorcosplay #transistorvideogame #supergiantgames #videogames #games #gamer #gaming #instagaming #instagamer #playinggames #onlinegaming #videogameaddict #instagame #instagood #gamestagram #gamerguy #gamergirl #gamin #video #game #igaddict #winning #play #playing
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