A review on Erinyes made it seem like the reader was convinced that it was translated from Greek, and badly at that. Well, it wasn’t. None of these stories are, except a few short stories that have gotten very nice feedback from workshops and I decided to take the time to translate them. Specifically, Dronehunter is one of them, The Girl Who Twisted Fate’s Arm started out as a Greek short story but got rewritten and expanded into my first novel, and a couple of shorts in the Spitwrite collections.

And that’s it.

All the others are written in English, and yes, they have Greek words in them for flavour, since pretty much all of them take place in Greece.

I’m now working on the Influencer short stories because they’re ridiculously fun for me to write. It’s not for everyone, mind you. Check the page on Mythography and think about joining the separate Futagen mailing list to get updates.

These will be on Amazon KU for now, and we’ll see what I do with them after a few months. There will be a volume at the end which will gather up the stories in a neat package. So, either binge on them if you’re in KU, drop a euro or a dollar to read them and help out, or just join the mailing list to get a notification when the volume is complete and ready to buy.

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