There’s a cute little show on Netflix, Emily in Paris. It has caused quite a stir in French people because they’re portrayed as snobby and rude. Which is absolutely true, and I know that after visiting Paris twice.

The show is full of cliches but it’s a nice modern take on a romantic comedy. There are some really funny moments where I laughed out loud, some very romantic scenes, and the screenwriters know their French culture. There’s wordplay in there that only someone who knows both languages can muster, and of course as a marketing guy I love the little marketing projects Emily keeps working on. They do always seem to succeed no matter what she does, but it’s a tv show, get over it.

As for the French reaction, well I think it’s because of the white savior cliche in these kinds of American movies. Here both parties are mostly white so we’ll just call it American savior. Just like the white savior trope, a foreigner goes somewhere, absorbs the local culture but teaches them the right way to do things, which is of course the American way. The locals are resistant to change but eventually see the error of their ways, finally embracing the proper American attitude.

There’s no real point to be made here, I just enjoyed this little gem of a show, I love, love love, Lily Collins and I just wanted to make a quick render of her bushy eyebrows.

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