Today I workshopped a story about drones, and people on the fringes of society, and dronehunting to survive. I tested the story out in a short story format and it seems people like it, but it needs expanding.

It’s a coming of age story of a boy without Citizenship, meaning no land, no rights, no bank records, no id whatsoever. He grows up in a nomadic tribe that hunts drone-delivered packages.

Since people liked it, I can’t delay it any longer. Actually, I totally can, but it’ll be a shame to do so. So I’ll slot it sometime in September. It will come out in a 2-part series, called Dronehunter/Scrapgatherer. The first will be about the society of Dronehunters, and the second about Scrapgatherers, people surviving by working on e-waste. I also need to figure out something cool for the covers.

I’ve also read some glowing reviews that just came in. A couple on audio, one on ebook. That got me reinvigorated, and I’m feeling pumped about the Pickle Pie preorder. It’s already selling and I can’t wait to see what the readers have to say about it on May 14th.

To finish this with a teaser, we’re also cooking up a translated anthology of select sci-fi shorts by the best Greek writers. It’s called a2525 and all the stories attempt to imagine life in the Athens of the future. Once it’s ready I’ll share it on the Mythography newsletter, it will be a blast (Trust me, I’ve read the Greek version.) I’m not in it so I can totally say it’s brilliant, and the best sample of Greek sci-fi talent at this moment.

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