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The Magenta Caterpillars’ leader gathered everyone up. “We need to wipe out the Greens!” he shouted.
“Yeah!” the Magentas cheered from below, rippling their bodies. “They’re a scourge,” another said. “Wipe them out of the face of the earth,” a third said, disgusted by their presence alone.
“Great,” the Magenta Leader said and waited for them to be quiet. They quickly shut up and listened out of respect. “What we need to do is to attack them where it hurts.”
“Right at the heart of their lands,” the leader carried on.
“At the Cocoon?” one of the caterpillars asked, his voice trembling.
The other caterpillars rippled agreement through their bodies.
“Exactly!” the leader said, smiling at his prearranged plant. He wasn’t going to risk proposing such a dangerous plan by himself. He had a trusty Magenta inject the idea at the right time as if it was the voice of the people. And now, after seeing their reaction, he wasn’t gonna let this chance go to waste. Inspiration rippled through his body. “We are going to make them pay tenfold for all our lost Magenta brothers and sisters. We are going to attack the Greens’ Cocoon, and we are going to be triumphant!”

The Magentas marched on the Greens. Big and small, the caterpillars engaged the enemy and started to kill left and right. The element of surprise was to their favour and they squished a lot of Greens on their initial charge.
Alas, the Greens regrouped and fought back.
The Magentas started to suffer losses too. First it was the smaller members that got squished, then the Greens ganged up on the bigger ones and managed to squish them too despite their strength.
There was death on each side. The ground soaked up the blood of both Magenta and Green without distinction, it did not care about sides, it did not care about war.

The Magenta leader stood alone but one man, battered and bruised before the Green leader. He too was near death and was on top of a rock.
“No!” the Magenta leader screamed. But it was too late.
The Green leader jumped from the rock and fell on the last Magenta soldier, squishing him, splashing the Magenta leader with his own soldier’s juices.
“You monster!” the Magenta leader shouted at his adversary and wiped his face on a leaf.
“You’re the one who attacked first,” the Green leader snapped back, his body rippling accusingly.
“You killed three Magentas last week!” the Magenta leader retaliated, but felt a bit silly in the middle of this bloodbath. He looked around. Everyone was dead. Every single Magenta, dead.
Sure, every single Green was dead also.
That was happy news, at least.
All that was left was one Magenta and one Green, the leaders of their tribes.
The Green leader managed to gather up his strength and recoiled his body, ready to pounce.
The Magenta saw it coming and dodged at the last minute.
The Green fell on the rock behind the Magenta and broke it with the momentum of his leap, sending pieces all over. They both got injured, cut and bleeding.
“You need to die!” the Magenta said and attacked the Green. Hitting him again and again, with no remorse about his own bruised body. He slammed on the Green leader, squishing some of his legs.
But the Green was strong.
He managed to cover up his vital organs and retaliate. Now the Magenta was on the defensive. Slamming him again and again, they tore up the place, stepping on the soaked up dirt of their fallen tribemembers. They fought for so long, evenly matched. Their fight brought them under the Cocoon.
“No!” the Green leader shouted, seeing what his adversary was about to do.
“You leave me no choice,” the Magenta said, panting. He coughed up transparent blood on the ground.
“It’s the Cocoon,” the Green pleaded.
The Magenta turned up to look at it, then back at his enemy. “If you can’t have it, no one can.”
“Stop!” the Green pounced to stop him but he was too injured, too slow.
The Magenta gathered up the final shred of energy he had and slammed his body onto the Cocoon.
He smashed it.
The Green caterpillar fell onto him by momentum alone and they both wrestled inside the sticky strands of the Cocoon.
Trapped, they were unable to move.
“Look at what you’ve done!” the Green caterpillar said.
“No, look at what you’ve done,” the Magenta caterpillar said.
They got trapped inside and turned into cocoons. Their bodies melted into soup and reformed into a completely new body with folded wings.
The season ended and another one came.
They emerged from the cocoon and unfolded their wings, genetic memory letting them know how to fly.
And they flew into the skies, swirling around one another as two identical butterflies.
And then they fucked, producing the next generation of caterpillar Magentas and Greens.

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The End.

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