• Asked Vivlio to fix my metadata, it shows me as Patty Jansen. She’s everywhere.
  • Fixed WordPress issues with my sites.
  • Pickle Pie: Midnight Cravings is now published wide. It should pop up at all bookstores in the following weeks.
  • Updated Cyber Girls: Christmas Balls on Amazon, ’cause I totally forgot.
  • Rerendered Retro Gaming Girl. I like this pic. The first render suffered from noise and it wasn’t easy to make out the details. I have no use for it, unlike my other promo pics or cover art, but it was worth taking the time to make it look nice. I’m proud of the composition, it took some time to get it right. It’s also available as a print on Arstation.
  • Published my Christmas Carol Retelling in German, Von der Unmöglichkeit, an Heiligabend ein Taxi zu rufen. It should become available on all bookstores in the following weeks.
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