• Did I mention the Polycaste render? I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to check, so I’m mentioning it again. This scene took quite some time to render and I had to reduce the resolution to HD. It still looks great, but I might come back and get a higher res pic at some point so I can upscale it for a proper print https://georgesaoulidis.com/odyssey-polycaste-bathes-telemachus/
  • The OdysseyJam tag in Artstation was all the excuse I needed to make some of these mythology renders. For months I’ve been piling on 3D assets that I’ve never used, so now I’m planning to make some more despite the OdysseyJam. If you’ve noticed, I’m using a 16:9 aspect ratio which gives it a cinematic feel. It doesn’t work well on Instagram but I don’t care because Instagram is stupid anyway. I plan to make some more Odyssey scenes, and at a later point I might add them all into an illustrated booklet of some sort. I’m not sure. I was raised on some mythology books by Stratiki publications with gorgeous illustrations that detailed the myths of Odysseus, Perseus, Olympian gods and the like. I bought them again a year ago, just so I could have them as a new book. I might do something like that, or a retelling, which is more of my style. I don’t know. Still too early to tell. There are challenges and the 3D assets this will require do add up to insane amounts of money, if they’re even available. What I do know is that it will definitely not be made for kids like the Stratiki books, as the pictures are already getting quite mature.
  • Rerendered Light Touch. I’ve ended up using this pic in some places and the old one was noisy, so I remade it. Added some margins so I can crop it to a cover if need be. Print is up too. https://georgesaoulidis.com/rerender-light-touch/
  • A few days ago I introduced Tribute Points to the Mythography Shop. The response has been lackluster, I have to admit. But this is a long-term benefit, and I believe that my loyal fans will make use of it. https://mythographystudios.com/introducing-tribute-points/
  • I’m starting to get ROI on my wide audiobooks. This doesn’t concern you, but what it does mean is that I will be making sure more of my audiobooks are wide, on all audiobookstores. Check them here https://mythographystudios.com/audiobooks/
  • My Facebook group Certified Mythographers has been Zucced. It was because we shared a pic where we made fun of a Coronavirus mobile testing unit that had a logo that looked like Anubis, when it was an Aardvark in reality. There are millions of harmful misinformation posts on Facebook and they chose to fact-check a joke, telling us in bold letters that an independent fact-checker has declared ‘It’s an Aardvark on the logo.’ I’m not making this up. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1012868062096102/ I’m pretty certain that nobody is seeing any post on their feed anymore. As this is a common problem, if you really want to get my updates and all the cool stuff I’m making, you should join the newsletter here https://mythographystudios.com/join-the-mythographers/
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