• I’ve been working on many different things these past few days. I fixed some issues with my sites.
  • I made a video, it was for a business partner that got an award. That took all day.
  • I got into getty stock photos, but I’m still waiting for photo approval.
  • I posted my case study about my promo site https://georgesaoulidis.com/case-study-the-future-of-book-promo-sites/
  • I raised my prices, like I said. https://georgesaoulidis.com/i-have-to-raise-my-prices/
  • I stumbled on my 2020 resolutions post. In it I claimed I’d do some things I haven’t gotten around to yet. Of course, there was a global pandemic in the mix, but still. I think I’ll finish up with my new releases and the 100 stock pics and then get back to it.
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