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READ  I love how she tries to act mean and bad, but she's sooo cute. I want to squeeze her cuddly frozen cheeks. 😳#Repost @david_thepsychologist・・・Am I the only one that enjoyed @dpanabaker as the baddie villain Killer Frost?! This woman is doing an exceptional job living up by her comic counterpart!! I loved Caitlin Snow, but I'm more now in love with Killer Frost! And she's always been my favorate villain. I'm actually hoping that she stays evil for a while and if it's a way they could make her a anti-hero, like they kinda did with Captain Cold, I'll be okay with that too. But great job Danielle!! #TheFlash #KillerFrost #Ice #MetaHuman #DaniellePanibaker #GrantGustin #ComicFans #FavoriteVillian
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