Lena was not happy with the beach. It was apparent in the way she frowned and stared daggers at me.
But how was I to know that the supposedly ‘secret beach’ in Crete would be such a mess? Discarded trash, broken glass, thankfully ground down into brown and green pebbles, debris from some wall that got torn down. Flotsam and betsam from the Aegean and who-knows-where, it all ended up in this beach, apparently.
This was far from idyllic.
“It’s not what you promised me!” she blurted out, then snapped her towel open with a flourish and spread it on the ground.
“Honey, we can leave, you know.” I stood there looking miserable, carrying the cooler, the umbrella, the two bags. I didn’t wanna put it down because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the strength to pick them up again. I was sweating all over, it was damn hot and the walk to this supposed secret beach was a tough one.
“No,” Lena said and plopped her butt down on the towel. The debris crunched under her weight. She stretched her arm at me and waited.
She clicked her fingers impatiently. “Sunscreen, gimme.”
“Oh.” I fumbled with the stuff, then promptly dropped everything down and fished out the sunscreen from the bag. “Here. Want me to…” I asked meekly.
“Unh-uh,” she shook her head and splashed sunscreen on her palm, starting to spread it all over her arms and neck. Lena was kinda pale in general, and this was the second hand she applied it for today.
I tried not to show that her pushback hurt me a bit. A tiny bit, but it was there. I took my time, putting the stuff right. I made sure the cooler didn’t get any direct sunlight, I gave her the bluetooth speaker so she could put on some music and maybe calm the fuck down, and I set up the beach umbrella, or at least tried to.
The dirt was too hard for me to push it down. I used a rock to hammer the bottom wedge into the dirt, and even that annoyed Lena. She was on her back, sunbathing in the moderate afternoon sun, and she was doing her best to act as if I wasn’t even there. She sighed audibly every time I banged the umbrella’s rod into the dirt.
“What?” I asked, arms open and holding the rock on my right one.
She scrunched up her nose. “Do you really have to do this now, Percy? It was nice and quiet, you know.”
“In like five minutes you’re gonna complain about the sun and how you need the umbrella, like stat. I’m done. Here,” I said and pushed the top of the umbrella rod.
It tipped over and fell.
Lena scoffed and put her sunglasses on, then turned face down to get her butt bronzed the natural way.
I hammered it back and set up the umbrella, then cooled myself with an orange juice. I didn’t like soft drinks in the summer, it made me all sweaty and sticky. Water was fine, then orange juice, or ice tea. Lena liked coke, and we had a couple in the cooler. “Want your coke, baby?”
Lena grunted her ‘no.’
“Okay…” I put my own towel on the beach, if you could call it a beach, and took a deep breath. Okay, it was fine, I guess. It wasn’t that pretty, but it was quiet, the spot was remote and I was hoping for some beach sex afterwards. I liked how Lena agreed to come here immediately, but I didn’t think she’d go for it after the whole disappointment.
Lena was… well, she was my girlfriend. She wasn’t always this pissy, but she nagged when things didn’t go exactly as she wanted them to. And since life is chaotic and messy, this happened a lot. I used to be a calm dude, and now I was getting anxious about dinner reservations and traffic jams. This wasn’t me, and every single one of my friends pointed it out to me. Lena was actually an okay girl, sweet and caring and sexy. She had short, dark blonde hair, a tight little body that I liked exploring with my tongue and boobies that filled up her bikini just nicely. You wouldn’t call them large, but they were perfect for her frame and proportions.
We’d been together for about eight months, and this was our first holiday together. No, scratch that, we went for like a single night to some friends in Patra, but that barely counts. I always believed that a couple shows their true colours during a holiday. One that is three nights or longer. Things go wrong, beds aren’t comfy, mosquitoes are everywhere, and how the couple deals with it shows a lot about how they really are together.
So far, it wasn’t going well. This was the second day in Crete, and the island was packed with tourists. It was high-season for the summer and there were about two million people expected to come visit. A staggering number, but Crete was quite big. We went to Chania the previous day, it was nice. Then we went straight to the beach as soon as the sun started to go down, we didn’t wanna get sunburned on the first day, that was a rookie mistake, and it was nice. But packed with people.
I got a tip about this secluded beach from a buddy of mine from an online group. When I mentioned I was visiting Crete he told me I should definitely come here, it was amazing to spend some time with the missus.
Well, I didn’t know how long ago he visited this beach, but it certainly wasn’t the idyllic, untouched place he mentioned. It was a dirty beach, and the only good thing was that there was shade from some vertical rocks to the side and that it was very calm.
Yes, we could have sex here, but it wasn’t perfect. And Lena did not seem in the mood. I thought about getting her in the mood with some music. I connected the bluetooth speaker, we got one that was waterproof and the battery laster quite a bit, and loaded up a webradio that had love songs.
I kept the volume low. It was just us over there, but for some reason I felt like I was disturbing the place. I was never one to like go somewhere and spread my stuff all over and throw my garbage around, no, never. But even so, I felt weary of stretching my legs too far. I sat on my beach towel, like a scared kid huddling before the edge of his bed at night, not daring to peep a little further.
After a while, listening to the white noise of the waves crashing, the cool breeze after a scorching, long summer day, I felt nice.
I gave Lena her space, despite being just us there, and simply enjoyed the beach. I took off my t-shirt and grabbed the sunscreen from her towel. I lathered some on me, kicked off my slippers, went for the sea, regretted it, and then came back for my slippers. “The rocks, it hurts without slippers, keep them on. I’ll leave them just before the shoreline. Wanna come for a dip?”
Lena turned her neck and looked at me. I couldn’t tell behind her sunglasses if she was still mad or not. “No, you go,” she finally said.
I shrugged and turned around. I kicked my slippers off just before the water and shouted as I ran right in, splashing water all over. I adopted that style of getting into the sea because I cannot stand that gradual freezing of my balls that happens when I’m timid.
So, I run right in, screaming.
That sums up most of my actions in life, really.
The water was nice. There were some junk carried over from the open water but nothing truly bad, just some floating seaweed and some wood.
The sun was almost touching the horizon, making long shadows. Despite that, we had a bit of a burn on us, the exposed arms and the ears and the back of the neck. It was impossible not to get some sun when on a Greek island, and I knew from experience that by the time the two weeks were over, I’d be tanned all over.
Lena took off her top and leaned on her back, her boobies pointing upwards and away. The music could barely be heard over the white noise of the waves and the wind that whistled on the rocks.
I fooled around for a bit. I grabbed a long piece of wood that was floating near me and waved it around like a sword. Normally, I’d have my mates around so we could all act like idiots, thus making it socially acceptable. But I’d come here for some beach fucking so it was just me and my girl, the others had gone for a walk in the shops back in Chania. And the others weren’t as sensitive to the sun as Lena was, so they didn’t mind staying back during the midday and getting sunburned.
I splashed the water, waving my stick. I felt like a warrior, just like I used to play when I was a kid.
It was fun but it didn’t last long without an opponent to fight with. I tossed the stick as far away as I could and went back towards Lena.
I found my slippers, stepped close to our stuff and stood there, waiting to get dry.
“Ugh, grab the towel, you’re making me wet,” she complained, waving her arm around.
“I am? That was the point, Lena,” I said with a playful grunt and came on top of her.
She squealed and pushed me away, but I started to grunt and nibble her all over. “I’m a sea monster,” I said, fooling around, this time with my girl and my erection poking at her. “Arr… You’re a defenseless pretty girl, I’ll eat you up.” I bit her nipple.
She giggled and took off her glasses, squirming under me. Yes, I’d had gotten her wet, and yes, I was messing up her tranquility. But she was my girl, dammit, and I liked to tease her.
She slapped my arm and spoke theatrically. “Oh, no, the sea monster is-is pushing me down. He’ll have his way with me, oh no!”
Told ya she’s a fine girlfriend.
I kissed and nibbled all over her body, making a line downwards. I found her bikini and bit it, pulling it away like a horny dog.
She giggled and raised her legs, kicking me away lightly.
“Oh, no, the sea monster got you wet, and now he’s getting you wet down there!” I mocked, then dove right between her legs.
She protested for a single second and then opened them, letting me dive right in. I licked her all around her pussy, then pushed the bikini away and started on the clit.
I loved how Lena smelled, she was always rosy and dry, then she got all wet as soon as I paid some attention to it. It was a rocky start but the circumstances turned out okay in the end. The music was jazzy and romantic, the beach was finally cool and we were all alone out there. It didn’t take her long to get wet, I had practice for months after all, and then she pulled me up and we kissed deeply.
“Mmm, Percy, I want you…” she purred in my ear, biting me back wherever she could. “Now, baby. Now.”
I found the condoms, slid one on and just entered her, finally ticking one sexual fantasy off my list.

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I kicked some flotsam around on the other side of the beach. Lena was packing things up, that was our deal. She packed, I carried them. I didn’t mind.
The sun was almost down, we had our fun, I made her cum twice, yay me! And it didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster, after all.
“Come on, Percy, I wanna go!” she shouted at me.
“Okay, coming,” I shouted back, looking around. The debris here was interesting, and I kicked things over, looking for treasure. It was silly, I know, but why not take a look since I was there?
“I’m hungry, baby!”
I looked around and kicked a long plank over. Underneath it was something with volume. I kicked it further away and pushed the other crap from there, the seaweed and some thready ropes. I saw something like a helmet there.
“Percy! I’m waiting.”
“Yeah, yeah, just a minute.”
I picked it up, and yes, it was a Spartan style helmet! Wow. I looked it over, it was bronze, and weathered, it had definitely been in the sea. It was rusty all around, and it looked like a tight fit. No wonder my mother kept calling me a bighead. I turned it over, it had a nice heft to it. This could actually be real armour!
Wait, could it?
I had seen such stuff in museums, they were barely keeping it together, they were preserved by specialists and reassembled. This helmet looked worn, but it was also pretty sturdy. It wasn’t the one with the long mane on the top, it was a sleek, or once-sleek helmet that covered the head and kept the eyes and mouth open.
It. Looked. Awesome.
“Baby!” Lena screeched, losing her patience. “We’re leaving. Now.” She stormed off the beach, leaving the stuff behind.
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll catch up,” I said, facing the helmet. I wanted to try it on so bad.
Lena walked up towards the path, I could catch up with her easily. I lifted the helmet and put it over my head.
It fit nicely, snug. I looked around, dammit, I didn’t have my phone on me. I felt real badass.
And then I saw a line of text in my field of view.
I blinked, rubbed my eyes, the line of text was still there.
It read:
‘Would you like to become a legend? Y/N’
I pulled the helmet off in a hurry, looking around. No text. Was I going mad? Was it the beach fucking? No, why would the beach fucking make me see videogame prompts?
Wait, was it the helmet?
I lifted it close to my eyes.
It couldn’t be, this was… This was ancient, right?
“Percy!” Lena screamed, and I felt a chill down my spine that had nothing to do with the actual chilly weather.
I ran towards her, and I knew something was wrong. I could feel it in my bones.
My girl was in danger.

End of chapter 1

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