Over the next week, Karen and Chloe did everything together. They went grocery shopping, they did chores together, which Chloe found fascinating ‘cause the drones on the ship did all that stuff if you didn’t want to yourself. It was funny how back on Earth people had everything they could possibly wish for and still they had to do menial things like that.

She chose to mop the ship. It was her home, and she took good care of it. Nobody forced her, if left unattended, some drone would sweep by at some point and do the task. But humans go stir-crazy if they don’t do things to occupy their minds, which was a severe problem in generation ships.

And then, they went shopping for clothes. For their date with Terry. Chloe had no idea why she was so anxious about what to wear, it wasn’t like she would wear it herself. And their body types were not exactly the same, so they had to work together, find something that Chloe would like, but that would also fit Karen. They both took it as a challenge rather than a problem. “Forget about the distance. Think of what you’d wear,” Chloe said and spread out a few frilly tops.

“No on the frills, Karen.”

“Okay! How about simple tops that hug the waist and… you know. Have a modest décolletage, enough to draw in the gaze, not too slutty. I think those two will fit me nicely. Do you like them?”

Chloe did. So they tried them on, looked at themselves on the mirror and tried on a few skirts as well. They came up to their knee, but they went well with the tops. So, that was it. Clothing, check.

“Where will we go for our date?” Karen asked, carrying the shopping bags down the mall.

“At the café,” Chloe responded. They spoke in both text and audio alternatively, and the camera was on the whole time. Karen seemed to have gotten over her prudeness after the night they had together and she was streaming the whole time, only to Chloe of course.

Karen darted off into the bathroom. “Hey, there are people here, watch where you aim those eyes!” Chloe complained, covering up the far too raw videostream of a girl pooping back on Earth.

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“Sorry,” Karen winced. “I had to go fast.”

Chloe bit her lip. She had a naughty idea all of a sudden. It was like a game of ‘Simon Says,’ after all, wasn’t it? She pressed to record an audio message, thought better of it and then cancelled it. Then she hopped up to her feet, checked that the door to her quarters was locked, and she started recording again. “I’m in the public bathroom, excited about my new clothes for my date. I can’t wait for Saturday night and I slide my hand in my panties, feeling it around. I’m wet and I imagine how he’ll react when he sees me up close, how we’ll have a nice dinner together and then how he’ll rip them off me back at his place.”

Chloe regretted it as soon as she sent it, but the deed was done. The message was sent, and now she had to wait for the damn lag before she could see if Karen would go ahead. She might just tell her to piss off. It’s not like they had a contract or anything. There were limits to what a person would agree to do anyway, and an impromptu wank in a public restroom where anyone could hear was right up there on the list.

She leaned back on her bunk and bit her fingernails. Perhaps she had taken it too far. Yeah, Karen would just ignore her, she was late after all. The whole shopping spree had taken them far longer with all the back and forth of having to ask her if she liked this and she liked that.

Then the stream turned on again. It was Karen, looking downwards. Her chest was heaving, going up and down with gusto. Her hand was in her panties and she was rubbing it, with her index and middle finger, just the way she preferred it. She held her new top in her other hand, splayed all over her arm. She didn’t say anything, Chloe could only hear her caught breathing and the bustle of the busy shopping mall. A couple of girls chatting in the bathroom mirror. Karen was rubbing it faster now.

Chloe ran off into her own bathroom, sat on the toilet and mimicked her, doing the same to herself.

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