“Oh my god, this is amazing!” Karen kept watching and rewatching the freefall video. She leaned with her back on her bed and kept her head in the air, imagining what it was like to fall in microgravity.

Chloe giggled. “Okay, it was fun, I’ll admit that. I had forgotten how awesome it was. Thank you for insisting.”

“Wow…” Karen texted and then stood up, awaiting the lag. She went to her computer and fired up her text editor. She typed down some of her notes, the getting acquainted part, the experience she just had. She wanted to get it down quick, now that it was fresh in her mind. The research could take you anywhere, and even if it didn’t make the final cut, she herself wanted to remember it.

Karen was old school when it came to writing things down. Everybody pretty much recorded holos these days, which could be translated to any other medium, including text, and any language in the world. But she was good with words and she liked writing things down.

It was a habit from her mother, she always wrote things. Poems, shopping lists, little notes for her, even just a post-it on her lunch tupper. Karen never threw them away and when she left the house she realized she had tons of them in various places. She still wasn’t capable of throwing them away so she just put them in more boxes and left them in the bottom of a cupboard.

“How come you’ve only moved to the city just now? Didn’t you study there?” Chloe asked.

“Well, it was too expensive so I just tele-educated. The courses were offered in VR by the university, they even got me a little drone to act as my avatar during class. Oh, hey, pretty much like what we’re talking about.”

She sent her reply and went back to writing. Those little interruptions every eight or ten minutes had become a habit of hers. Like a Pavlovian response, she awaited Chloe’s reply simply by her internal clock. She should ask Terry if it was the same to him. Actually, why not do it now?

“Hey, Terry, are you doing the same as me? Jerking up every ten minutes or so awaiting Chloe’s text?”

“Hah! Yeah. All the time, Karen. It’s hard-wired in me by now. Good luck kicking that habit.”

“Are you talking to her right now as well?”

“We don’t talk that often nowadays. She just mentioned she’s chatting with you, that’s all.”

There was sorrow coming in through Terry’s response, she could feel it. But she wasn’t there to fix their relationship, only to address the problem and analyse things.

“Okay. We’re talking about you, by the way, so don’t be alarmed when you start sneezing or anything.”

“Superstitious, much? Heh. I get it, girl talk. It’s fine by me, as long as she doesn’t tell you the thing.”

“What thing?”

“I’m not telling you!”

Karen smiled and went back to writing. Her proposal was coming along nicely, and her professor wanted it ASAP, so that was good.

Chloe’s reply finally came back. “And you chose this subject? Also, I wouldn’t know about all that, but I guess living in the city is expensive, right? I mean, Terry always complains about the insane rent and how he can’t miss a single paycheck.”

“I didn’t choose this specifically, nobody did. I already told you that this is virgin territory. Heh, get it? Virgin? ‘Cause we’re about to have sex and everything. Wow, I’m joking about boning your boyfriend, somebody shut me up now. Back on topic, yeah, the city is insanely expensive. I couldn’t come study here in person, and my entire class is graduated now, so that’s why I don’t know anyone. I guess it would have been better to come for the last term, at least? Get a sense of the place, get to know people? But what’s done is done, and here we are, and I’m all alone in the big city with a thesis deadline.”

Karen stood up and went for a pee, and then opened her fridge. There was precious little in there, she needed to go to the grocery store. She grabbed a half-eaten yogurt and sat back in bed, kicking her shorts off. She always liked staying with her underwear on the bed, and it was warm enough.

“Trust me, I’ve went through the entire ladder of phases in my mind already. Jealously, anger, mistrust, envy, and whatever the hell the others are, I felt them like pouring hot oil. I’m okay with it, Karen. I wouldn’t have asked to meet you if I wasn’t. Of course I have my doubts, but we’ll see. As for the whole city thing, yeah, that sucks. I guess we’re all alone in our own way, despite being around so many people.”

“Well put, Chloe! I’m so stealing that line, it’s going in my paper.” She finished the yogurt and licked the foil and the inside walls.

“Oh, that’s me! Witty. Sarcastic. Quotable. That’s probably why nobody can stand me who isn’t a blood relation.”

“Well, who cares? I like you, I feel we could hang out anytime. And witty is good for my thesis, so snark away, girl.” Karen took a nap. She woke up from the chirpy noise, struggling to keep her one eyelid open.

“Hey, I know I said I was okay with the whole thing, but you won’t do anything without telling me, right? I mean, with Terry. You know, making out or whatever.”

Okay, that woke her up. Karen sat up and composed her message. “Chloe, of course not. Look, everything goes through you. I’m a conduit, a medium. You’re the fucking ghost that controls me. Whatever you say, happens. I’ll only fill in the gaps for the lag, but that will happen after I get a feel of what you wanted to do at any given moment. Don’t worry, alright?”

She bit her nails as she awaited the reply. God, this lag was killing her. Chloe could back out, and she had every right to. She could simply say, ‘nope, I want this to stop,’ and her entire paper would be gone. Sure, she might try and find other couples in a similar situation. But she genuinely liked those two, and she didn’t thing she could connect with some random people after this. Also, there weren’t any other couples in an increasing-distance relationship. They had all taken the natural route and broken up. Terry and Chloe were outliers in this regard, which means, research-worthy.

Chloe responded and Karen yelped, dropping her phone under the bed. She shuffled around, felt her way under the bed, grunted, found her phone and checked the message in a hurry. “Good. I just wanted you to say it. Not that I could do anything to stop you in case you wanted to… Anyway, that’s just crazy-me talking, ignore it. You’ve given me no indication of that sort of subterfuge. So, how will we do this thing? Will it be like sexting? Me in your ears, what? I haven’t thought of that.”

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Karen breathed in deep. They were good to go, that was all that mattered. She leaned back on the bed and wrote her reply. “I have thought about it a bit. Let’s practice now, the two of us. I’m in my bed, in my panties. Say that it’s you and Terry comes along, comes home. That’s the scenario. Let’s try it out, tell me what you want me to do.”

Karen waited for her instructions, and it was kinda getting her worked up. She sat back comfortably and put her pillow between her legs, getting the corner of it squeezed tight and rubbing on her panties. She was getting wet by the whole idea, that of receiving instructions. It was exciting!

“Well… Okay, I want you to sit on a sexy pose, wait for him to come home from work. That’s my sexual fantasy, how lame is that? Just be there at home, waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. I never had that.”

Karen sat in a sexy pose, or at least something she thought would look sexy. Nobody could see her but it wouldn’t hurt to be thorough. Plus, it was seriously getting her in the mood, she started to touch the area and rub her intimates. “Okay, I had a thought. Let’s not say, ‘I want you to do this and that.’ Let’s try and make the whole experience more transparent. I’m not in the middle, you are alone with Terry. So, let’s try and rephrase that to, ‘I’m sitting in a sexy pose, waiting for Terry to come home from work.’ And we have a three-way communication open, we can both hear you, but whatever you say you’re doing, I go ahead and do it for you. Does that make sense?”

Karen breathed in deep. This was starting to take shape, they were just working out the kinks. Heh, the kinks. Funny. But that made it horrifying. It was one thing to say you were gonna do it, and another to actually go ahead and do it.

Chloe’s message came back, pushing her out of her train of thought. “I’m alone, in bed, waiting for Terry. The bed is messed up, it’s not neat. This isn’t a special occasion, it’s just a random day and I’m going to surprise my boyfriend with my impulsiveness. I sit on the bed on my side, looking all sexy with my hair drenched all over the pillow and my panties shaping my ass.”

Oh-kay. That was much better. “Doing it. Go on.”

Karen sat as she instructed. She had shorter hair than Chloe, she had seen her profile pictures, but that wasn’t the point. She tried to set the scene as she said so and debated one last thing with herself. “We are gonna do it in the end, might as well show it all today.” She opened up the camera from her eye-implants, giving Chloe access.

Chloe responded with audio. Her voice was soft, sultry. She was breathing deeply, and Karen was sure that she was doing the same thing up in her bunk. “Oh, I like the view, Karen! Nice panties, I like the print. I don’t do lace either. We don’t have the printing materials to spare for such things. Anyway, where was I? Am I gonna play the whole thing out, as if Terry was there? I guess so. Mmm. I’m waiting for Terry, and I hear him coming up the elevator. I get all worked up, rub myself a bit, getting the landing strip ready, you know. He opens the door, looks around, seems me and smiles wide, his eyes gleaming. I say, ‘What?’ with an innocent expression and turn over to show him the goods. He kicks off his shoes and hops into bed with me, taking his shirt off, fumbling with the buttons. I can’t act all aloof anymore so I help him take it off, he lifts up his arms and I pull the shirt off of him. I touch his chest and reach in and take a bite of his pecks.”

Karen acted the whole thing by herself, pretending Terry was there. She was getting seriously horny by now, and it was actually fun. As she waited for Chloe to speak to her again, she thought about what she would actually do in this situation to cover up the lag. Well, she’d keep teasing his body and nibbling him, so she pretended to do just that. She couldn’t imagine Terry on that role, she didn’t know him that well, so she casted George in his place, one of her old boyfriends who had a similar build with him.

“I bite him, he pushes me back, I keep nibbling at him. We kiss passionately, my tongue rolling around with his. Our hands wander over our bodies, I press my chest onto his. Grab my ass, Terry, and push me down on the bed. I yelp with excitement and he pushes me on my back, kissing me on my belly. He draws a line of kisses down to my panties, and he kisses me all over the place, my inner thighs, my butt, my cunt. He pulls my feet up and takes off my panties. He takes off his pants and I grab his erection, jerking him off for a while.”

Karen mimicked the entire thing. She was too horny to feel silly, and this was academic research, dammit! She jerked off the air, pretending her ex-boyfriend was there. That wasn’t hard to do, she remembered having to help him get up quite a few times, actually. And Chloe’s voice in her ear, it was so damn hot. And the feeling of someone guiding you, that surrender of control…

Oh, Karen was sure she was gonna enjoy this project.

“I spread my legs, lick my lips. ‘Come on, baby, I want you,’ I say to him and he comes on top of me, aiming towards my centre. I help guide him in and he pushes inside. But he has remembered to put on a condom before sticking it inside me, right Karen? Right, too horny now, moving on. He takes me, I can feel him deep inside me. I kiss him, grab his shoulders, dig in my nails in his skin as he fucks me, wrap my legs around him. I scream, ‘Yes, fuck me, yeah, Terry!’ I pull his face to mine and kiss him again, getting my tongue all over his. I grind my waist on his body, push up with my legs, and he fucks me harder. I grab his head, lean into his ear and breathe hard in it as I come, letting him hear everything, feel everything, the way he made me reach orgasm.”

Karen acted the entire thing, rubbing herself with one hand all the way. “Wow!” she panted, falling back on her bed. “I’m seeing stars on the ceiling, let me get my breathing under control for a minute, Chloe. Whoo.”

Chloe’s voice came back and Karen could hear the grin on her face. “Yeap. Did you really come? I did. Haaa… Yes, I do enjoy this. Thanks for opening up the camera and the audio, it really helped put me in the mood. I can only imagine how it will be with the actual Terry around.”

Karen’s chest had stopped heaving, but she remained in bed, sweaty and enjoying the relaxation after a good wank. “Oh yeah. I sure did. It was gooood…”

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