“Oh, yeah, push it deeper,” Chloe moaned, recorded the videoclip and then pressed send. She stopped rubbing herself and waited seven minutes for the message to get to Terry. Then another seven minutes for him to get back to her… Sigh.

Her funk was gone. She stood up, put her negligee back on and went to make some dinner. For Terry, it was nighttime, just after a romantic sunset. For her, there was no sunset. Sure, the ship rotated but it was far too quick to consider that a proper day’s rotation. They saw the sun rise and set forty times a day, and to be honest, she never quite understood what Terry saw in the whole sunset deal. Chloe puffed her cheeks and her finger hovered over the food selector.

Papapah… What to eat? Bland yellow food or bland green food? The yellow one. She pressed it and the food printer started to make her a corn bread. It was chewable, along with some jam. But she didn’t have the credits for a new jar, so she licked the jar clean, rubbing the bread along the inside all around, making sure she got every little bit of deliciousness.


Yup, a nice dinner.

Her terminal glinged. She shot up, tapped to see his message. He was jerking off, showing her his abs, she liked his abs, a lot, and he simply said, “Oh, yeah, baby, take it all,” while he breathed heavily and masturbated. Chloe could see it all, she’d asked him to position the camera that way. She sighed, her mood was completely gone.

Still, this was what they had available in their relationship.

Chloe sat back down on her chair and opened her legs and her nightgown, showing off her wares for the camera. She touched herself, finding it completely dry, which was not a surprise for her. This was pointless, Terry couldn’t last more than five minutes, tops. He’d probably be done with himself by now, already wiped the mess off.

She forced herself to act horny, putting her lips forward and rubbing her clit between her index and middle finger. There was something happening, something… Ah… yeah…


She sent the clip like that, pretending to get off. She added a bit of text, “Baby, I came sooo hard! You were amazing, your dick is so perfect.” Then she added some surprised and naughty emojis, and tapped ‘send.’

Chloe sighed, then licked the edge of her lips, she had jam there. She licked her fingers, which tasted more like her pussy than strawberry jam, and then stood up, putting her pajamas on again. It was cold in space. The only good that came out of this whole deal was that her tits looked tight and pointy on camera for her boyfriend.

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Feeling cold, sad, hungry, and unsatisfied, she crawled inside her tiny bunk before her younger sister returned.

Zoe walked in with her eyes covered. “Are you done sexting?” She felt her way around the tiny quarters, it wasn’t that hard to memorise it all. “Eww, something is sticky over here.”

“It’s just jam,” Chloe snapped at her. The little cunt was so annoying, sometimes she swore she wanted to choke her.

Zoe looked at her hand. “Oh, right. Phew, dodged a bullet there!” Then she turned to Chloe. “Wait, you didn’t use this during…” She trailed off, nodding with innuendo.

“Jeez, no!” I just got hungry, had dinner.

“Oh. Saved some for me?”

“You know the answer to that is negatory.”

“Fuck you too, sis.” Zoe crawled into her own bunk bed, which required her to step on the side of Chloe’s to get up there.

“Ow! My leg, watch it.”

“Not my fault you’re all over the place,” Zoe said with no remorse and vanished under her own bedsheets.

There was a long silence.

“It’s pointless,” Chloe said softly.

“What is?”

“My relationship. Terry, all of this! It’s not like we can ever hope to meet in person! Heck, we’re literally flying kilometres apart every second that passes.”

Zoe’s head appeared from the side of the bunk bed, her short hair falling around her face. “It sucks, Chloe, I know. Do you love him?”

“Yes!” Chloe spat back. “Fuck, yes, I do love him! But it’s hard, you know? And it’s getting harder every day…”

Zoe frowned and pressed her lips in a worried expression. She reached down and held her hand there.

A second passed, and then Chloe reached out and held it. “You know, sometimes you’re not that much of a little cunt,” she nodded.

“And sometimes, I can understand what you’re going through, sis,” Zoe said, putting her face back on the side of her matress, but still holding on.

A minute passed.

“Can I let go? I’m getting sore over here.”

“Not yet,” Chloe said. She pressed her eyes shut, taking it in. Then she let go. “Now you can let go.”

Zoe’s hand vanished back on the top bunk.

She heard a sniff. Then another. “What’s that smell? Chloe, eww!”

End of chapter.

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