“How was your date?” Zoe asked, hopping in place. She had the naughtiest smirk on her face.

Persephone gripped both hands on her mop, and held it as if it was a dance partnet. “Oh, you know. Dreamy,” she said in that tone of voice.

“Did you… You know,” Zoe asked, waving her hand around.

Persephone squinted at her and shook her head in puzzlement.

“Oh, you know…” Zoe made a ring with her one hand and pushed her index finger inside it with the other.

“Ah,” Persephone said, realising what she meant. “No. I decided to keep it romantic, first time.”

Zoe pressed her lips together, nodding slowly. “Oh, got it.”

“Got what, little goblin?” Persephone snapped at her, and gripped her mop.

“You chickened out. You didn’t want What’s-her-name boinking your man. I understand.” Zoe turned around and looked up at the monitors. They showed the outside, the stars. There was nothing much to see. It was depressing, really. A viewport might have been better, but there were no such points in the ship’s hull. Only at the bridge.

Persephone raised her mop and held it like a lance at her sister. The effect was much less menacing, since the water dripped from the soggy bit. “Listen, you little green goblin. I did not chicken out. In fact, we’ve talked about it with Demeter and she was ready to do it for me.”

Zoe rested her head on a bit of protruding pipe and drolled. “Unh-huh. I bet she was.”

Persephone let her mop hit the floor with a loud slap. Her shoulders slumped. “Even if that was the case, which it isn’t, what would you have me do? It’s not like I can actually intervene. You know that Trip is one ignore button away from getting rid of me, easy as pie? I have nightmares about it. It’s not healthy.”

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“It isn’t,” Zoe agreed, pressing her lower lip. She stepped forward, making damn sure she stood in the spot Persephone had just cleaned.

She got a glare from her sister but she wasn’t in the mood to whack her on the head.

Zoe thought about it for a moment. “Okay. I know it’s hard. But I can always introduce you to some guys. I got a friend who’s into MILFs like you.”

Persephone opened her eyes wide, raised her mop and threatened the little green goblin. “I’m young. I’m not a MILF!” she howled, and Zoe giggled “Too slow, old lady,” and bolted out of there. They ran around the people in their way, forcing them to get to the side or get mopped. Persephone chased her down the corridors, waving her mop around and dripping nanowater all over the place.

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