This wonderful art is how philtomato interpreted Acedia, or Sloth in the Mean Gods series. I just love it, it really captures the feeling and is very cute at the same time.

These will become shorter introductions, one per each goddess. I’ll let you know when they’re ready, join the Mythographers to get an email about it.

As for milestones, I’ve gotten to 700 audiobooks sold. Yay! I have three more in the pipeline getting produced as we speak and I want them to be done before I move on to more titles. Next ones will be the Spitwrite collections, those will be challenging, but don’t tell the narrator!

As for my late releases, everything went to hell. 7 Deadly Passengers is delayed but should be out very soon. So is Midas Online. It goes without saying that all other planned releases are delayed as well.

Until then, since ’tis the season, read the Christmas Carol retelling I wrote if you haven’t done so already.

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