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This is a personal post so you might not care about any of this. Click away now! Scroll to something interesting.

Now that we got rid of the boring people, let’s talk about cup sizes. This is actual research for a story, honest. Trying to find a chart about cup size, I got confused.

This one tells me exactly what it is, but also got me baffled. What’s the difference between Double D’s and H’s, for example? Is it a different unit of measurement? Why is this so confusing?

Don’t laugh, this is called verisimilitude in a story. Believability, to put it simply. The cyberpink tournament will be full of slimy fans obsessing over every little detail regarding the athletes and their lives. Cup size won’t simply be listed, it will be a frickin’ searchable feature.

In the end, as with anything online that leaves a sticky residue, I found the answer on a Reddit anime board.

By the way, Black Lagoon is lots of fun.

Surprisingly, that’s pretty helpful. Though exaggerated, it gives a better picture of a normal woman, at least the top row does. So that would make the lady at the very top of the post a C, I guess. See? You learn something new every day.

I’m also learning about armour parts, and trying to imagine a transhuman version where armour melds into augmentations, binding both skin and cyberlimb together.

Credit: HBO, I guess? Game of Thrones. Let’s just call it Game of Thrones.

I assume a mix of medieval terms plus technology stuff will provide me with the needed result. Liquid Metal Cuirass. Smartbrace, Ballistic Metamaterial Inserts. Something like that. I’m just writing the story for now and will figure out the terms later, maybe laying them out properly in an index somewhere. For me, not for you. I don’t wanna make it easy for readers.

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Finally, celebrating the milestone of 400 audiobooks sold. And more importantly, of lots and lots of positive feedback on them. I’m already working with narrators to bring more stories to life, I love the entire process of it all, the directions, the dread of hearing your words out loud. It’s scary and feels weird.

Yeah, this post went all the way to awkward territory.

Better get used to it.


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