Since it’s my birthday, I decided to give out a free story to my readers. I couldn’t decide which one to give, so I just went for the newest, shiniest thing. It’s a very short story, and you can get it from the Mythography store with the coupon code:


Just use it on the checkout page here

As for the rest of the stuff, it’s all happening, but it takes time. As I said on the previous post, I’m not doing any spitwrites anymore. Maybe sometime in the future. Until then, you can check out my Patreon page for my coolest stuff.

I’ve streamlined the rights and translation process, so you can expect more translations in major languages from now on. And there are a ton of audiobooks in production, both short and long which should come out next month. Namely, Machimagic and Cherry Pie, so you know what to expect.

That’s all. Thank you all for another year of reading my stories, enjoying them and making this dream possible.

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