Patrick at is making the first test print of the Satoshi statue I designed. The 3D model looks like this:

And Patrick added the necessary supports for the 3D print:

Once the print was done, I think about 5 hours or something depending on the DMs Patrick wrote, we got this:

That actually looks creepy. It’s dipped in an alcohol solution, I’m guessing in order to smooth out the rough edges.

Then we got this:

Not gonna lie, it does seem like some of the details and the lettering are not showing up clear enough. But it’s just a test print and there are so many factors involved in a successful print. I personally don’t know anything about 3D printing. I mean, I could learn, but that’s another deep, deep rabbit hole that I don’t plan of falling into anytime soon.

That’s why I partnered up with Patrick who’s got more experience than me.

As a neat bonus, I’m selling NFTs of the rendered 3D Satoshi like this one here on Raretoshi

By owning the NFT you’re eligible to a 10% discount on your order from and of course you can pay with bitcoin and lightning.

Just get in touch with the eshop and figure it out.

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